Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring springs up... on me

I'll level with you - I was not looking forward to Spring.  I mean, if you were me, would you be looking forward to another upheaval in your life, regardless of it's predictable seasonality?  I thought not.

I finally had Winter kinda figured out - we went skiing, we read books, we had a routine - and for the past month Spring has been lurking, waiting to gobble up any peace I'd managed to establish with yardwork and longer days and new routines.  Admittedly, I've never before pictured Spring as a menacing force.

But my feelings had little (ok, zero) ability to hold back the tilt of the planet.  And fortunately God isn't done with me.

Through the amazing help of friends and my mom, bikes are ready for summer, the yard is just about spring-ready, the garden is tilled, and I've gotten to enjoy some good time digging around in the dirt and nurturing new life (mine, my kids', and maybe a few plants along the way).  And Spring and I are ok with each other.

We plant...
...we water...
...and we celebrate the first sprouting seeds!
And a big shout-out to Grammy, who worked her little hands to the bone and got us all ship-shape and ready for a new season!

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jody said...

I love Spring, it just shows the new fragile life that is hiding under the crappy brown deadness of winter in such a glorious yet gentle way. God does that with all of us, bringing beauty from the dead crud and I love Him evermore for it! Love ya and praying w/o ceasing for all of you!!!


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