Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tubing at Soldier Hollow

This weekend we got to introduce WanYing to one of our very favorite winter activities - tubing at Soldier Hollow!  Every year our church rents out the tubing hill at Soldier Hollow for an afternoon of snowy, fun-filled fellowship and I have to say it's one of our best traditions.

Clearly WanYing agrees!
The best part about tubing at Soldier Hollow is, of course, that you get all of the fun with none of the walking uphill
Sam was so sweet to his littlest sis, toting her around (although she often insisted on walking and dragging her tube herself)
Down they go!
WanYing was all smiles with the wind in her face and her goggles firmly in place
And of course our daredevil Sasha had a blast
This was Sasha's normal pose the whole way down, laughing like a crazy child
Ok, maybe Sasha wasn't the only crazy laugher
And just when you thought you couldn't make Soldier Hollow any better, there's more - we got to hang out with our Portland-based friend Cindy all weekend!
Thanks for a fantastic afternoon CenterPoint Church and Soldier Hollow!

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Kristen and Jim Powell said...

LOVE that pic of you and Cindy!!!!


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