Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sundance Nordic

One of the simple and sweet joys of this winter has been skiing with the kids up at the Sundance Nordic Center.  It's one of the few things that we can really, truly do all together (as long as a mommy towing two girls can keep up!) and I'm so grateful that the boys enjoy it, the girls tolerate the sled, and we all get to enjoy some exercise and beautiful Utah scenery all together.

This weekend we made it all the way up to the meadow, where we unpacked, enjoyed some snacks, and the strapped the girls' skis on so they could tool around a bit. The boys are doing super-well on their skis and the girls continue to impress us all with their gusto if not their balance.
WanYing was going, going, gone!
There were a couple of incidents - how many brothers does it take to put a ski back on, with boot attached?
I don't quite understand why everybody decided mittens were optional, but it wasn't worth fighting
Sam decides to melt some more snow, just in case we get extra thirsty
Oh, heavens, this child sure does love her skiing!
When Sasha decides she's going to enjoy something, she goes all out
After a while she decided that using Mommy's poles would improve her balance.  She was probably right.
I sure do adore these kiddos

The best part of this picture (well, besides the happy faces all together) is that I had fallen into a drift and was thigh deep in powder.  Oh well, it kept my height even with the kids'!
Home again, home again after a fine afternoon

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Misty said...

Love the pics!! Love you!


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