Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sorry about the gap in posts - Mom (Grammy) is in town and we have been keeping delightfully busy working outside in the sunshine and planting the garden and getting ready for spring (more posts to come on those topics).  But for now, here's an update on Toothless!

Sasha had her dentist appointment last week while I was away on business (I never knew how thoroughly delightful a business trip could be!  36 hours with nobody to tend to but myself was amazing) and our intrepid Grammy took care of the whole appointment.  She said that Sasha did very well and didn't mind the tooth-pulling much at all.  We suspect that the sedatives helped.

Having two lost teeth hasn't lost its thrill yet, and Sasha still goes around pointing to her gap with pride.  It's pretty dang cute.  Now we just need that rogue, early adult tooth to come on forward!

Sasha has been full of funny quotes lately and I've been trying to jot them down for your amusement (and to have stories to embarrass her in front of any potential future dates).  Enjoy!

Sasha asking if the swollen bump on her head, which we call a goose egg, has gone down:
Mom, does my duck goose look better?

After reading The Gingerbread Man for the hundredth time:
Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a gingerbread man, only with no hat.

Because clearly the biggest problem with the gingerbread man is his dorky hat, not the fact that he got eaten.

After seeing two rogue chihuahuas in our back yard... which was odd enough in and of itself:
Did you see those koala dogs?!?

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