Saturday, March 3, 2012

Such Big Girls

Sasha and WanYing had their 3 and 5 year checkups this week and, excepting the trauma of shots, both girls are doing marvelously well!  As Sasha will tell you (repeatedly), she has now gotten all of the shots she needs for Kindergarten, so at least I won't have to wrestle her down for any more immunizations for another 5 or 6 years.

WanYing is filling out nicely and our pediatrician is happy that her BMI is up.  She now weighs 29 lbs (33rd percentile) and is 37" tall (51st percentile, down from 90th a year ago).  So she's still tall (for our family) and skinny, but much healthier than her proportions were this time last year.

Sasha now weighs 36 lbs (30th percentile) and is 40" tall (14th percentile).  Like WanYing, only opposite, she's coming to center as well, with her height finally starting to catch up with her weight.

We compared marks on the height chart and Sasha and Sam are exactly tied for height at 5 years of age, while WanYing is a little taller than Ben was at 3.  Looks like we're destined for another set of siblings who are separated by two years and very little difference in height!

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Misty said...

So cute! Your doing such a good job!! Beautiful girls!


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