Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Year a Morningstar!

Just when you thought that Pi Day couldn't get any cooler - it's also the anniversary of WanYing's Gotcha Day!  That's right, as March 14th, WanYing Hope Morningstar has been WanYing Hope Morningstar for one whole year.

It feels like an eternity since we welcomed this scared little one into our lives and hearts and family - she has blossomed and grown so much since we took this photo a year ago.

We celebrated WanYing's Gotcha Day with Panda Express and mini golf.  An authentic celebration of her heritage?  No.  A super-fun family evening? Totally - as evidenced by our girl's very silly photo.
After our Panda feast, we headed over to Trafalga with the Kytes and enjoyed a few rousing games of mini golf.  Mostly Laura and I just followed Sasha, WanYing, and Grady around as they completed the course as quickly as possible so as to arrive at their real destination -  the mini golf castle - while the other kids went off to play their own game so that their own big kid brand of cheating wouldn't be be disturbed by the little kid cheating.  So, yeah, it was pretty much a normal family game of mini golf.

WanYing's game was vastly improved by her strategic placement of the ball
WanYing shows off her patented "golfing with sucker" technique
Happy Gotcha Day WanYing!  We are so grateful that you're a part of our family, and so glad to celebrate our first year together!

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