Friday, March 9, 2012

Bluebird Day at the Canyons

Today Sam and I both took a day off and headed into the wilds of Park City to enjoy Sam's 5th grade passport.  This is a truly remarkable thing - every 5th grader in the state can get a coupon book that includes 3 free lift tickets at every resort in the state, all for $25.  Amazing!

Unfortunately, our rather crazy schedules and the abysmal lack of snow this year have conspired against us and we have only used two of the coupons.  We intend to right this obvious lapse in prioritization to the fullest extent of our abilities.
So today we headed off to The Canyons.  Sam had never skied there and it's probably been a decade since my last visit and we had a thoroughly enjoyable day.  Well, except for my $75 discount lift ticket (at the window it's $94!) it was perfect.

We both skied our legs out, got way too much sun, and had an altogether fantastic day.  And Sam was super-sweet and even allowed me to pause a few times for pictures :)

Here's Sam with the "bubble lift" behind him.  It's The Canyons' latest publicity move and seems pretty darn silly, but we enjoyed the novelty.
Sam inside the bubble.  Although we definitely didn't need any protection from wind or cold, we figured we should have the full bubble experience.
It was a jackets-unzipped, gloves-off-on-the-lift kind of day.  I do enjoy spring skiing.
The Canyons definitely has some killer views, especially when there's not a cloud in the sky!
I had such a great day with my biggest kid.

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