Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Newest Lego Set

By Sam

As you see, I have a very large Lego Vanagon here. I got it from Poppop for my birthday, my 11th birthday, which was on February 18th. Although it is a 16+ Lego set, I completed it in a matter of hours. And so, let the pictures commence! 
Here I am when I first got the Lego set.
And here I am looking at all the pieces - I felt excited and intimidated
I figured we better move downstairs, so my mom's helping me find the pieces right now
Here it is about 1/4 in the making
And here is the finished product, including pop top
Here we have the engine, which is not actually open to the elements, but it's got a door that you can't see very well in this picture
And here is a view through the double doors on the side
Here's a view of the driver's seat.  Those curtains are fabric, by the way
And that is my new Lego set!


MissM said...

I'm so glad someone got this for Sam...it was totally made for him! I look forward to seeing it in person soon!

Kristen and Jim Powell said...

Sam, thanks for posting this, almost as good as seeing it in person! I'm impressed! You are a Lego rock star!


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