Sunday, February 12, 2012

Celebrating Sam

This weekend we (gulp!) celebrated Sam's 11th birthday with an informal gathering of friends. This was the first year when Sam planned pretty much the whole party himself, so there were no streamers or balloons, lots of sugar and salt, and tons of video games!

The snack spread when boys plan the party.
The snack spread that the girls (Miss Justine) were in charge of. For the record, our part is classier than giant marshmallows and Doritos
The boys dig in!
WanYing was more than happy with a lunch of chips and marshmallows
11-year-olds light their own candles
Well, at least Ben is still excited about a birthday party!
Nerf guns and Xbox were recurring themes

I'll relish in the fact that Sam's 10 for a few more days - I am not ready to have an 11-year-old! But I have to admit, he throws a pretty good party :)

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Misty said...

I love it! Kennah lit her own candles this year....planned her own "party"(outing with one friend) with no streamers....and buffet of her favorite unhealthy munchies! 11 yrs olds, go figure!


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