Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had such a fantastic Halloween this year! The weather was perfect (no snow!  no rain!), the kids pulled in a great haul and made it the whole way around the block, the costumes all came together and we got to share it with good friends and family.

This year we had:
A dragon

A dragon rider (ok, we didn't get the flames to actually shoot out of the dragon... the flash paper just wouldn't cooperate, but this isn't a bad second-best)

A roll of toilet paper (keeping it all on Ben's favorite theme)

And an occupy Wall Street-er.  This costume was well received in the kids' hippie school :)
WanYing was simply thrilled with the notion of walking around the neighborhood collecting candy.  She was so proud of each new piece of candy gathered - it was simply adorable!

Oh, and I highly recommend installing glowing wings on every toddler's costume - watching WanYing's illuminated form bobbing along from house to house was definitely the highlight of my evening! Plus the glowing makes the kids harder to lose...

A happy Halloween to all!


Laura García said...

Amo ese dragon! Todos los niños estan geniales!
I love that dragon! All children are fantastic!


Jason Russell said...

Yeah, we might go 10 years before having weather like that on Halloween again.


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