Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sasha's Reflections on Skiing

On Sunday we headed up to Alta for the blessed Ski Free After 3.  Sash did really well gliding through their beginner area and had a great time - here are her reflections on skiing (or as much as I could type as she rattled on...):

Thank you Daddy help me skiing.  Thank you.

This is me skiing and this my second time skiing forever and some time I like to do it forever.  I like to hang on the rope cause that's my favorite and I like you to help me hang on that rope and thank you for giving me a cookie at the end because I'm such a good skier and cheese bread, too.  I like you to help me on the rope and that's what I like to do every time and I like to go on the rope with you.

Easy helps me go skiing all the way down here cause he likes to so that's why I call him Easy and that's my favorite to do.  [Editor's Note:  Easy is the name of the "worm" who holds the tips of Sasha's skis together]

I stop and I go and I jump like this on my skis [illustrates bunny hops] and that's what I like to do every time.  That must be my favorite forever for every time.

Daddy is proud of me.

While Sasha and Daddy were practicing together, Mommy and WanYing took a couple of runs down the big hill with WanYing in the carrier. 

Admittedly, having a little one on your back while riding up the lift and down the snow is a little nerve-wracking (especially because little ones tend to wiggle when excited and wiggling definitely makes balance harder!) but the squeals of delight and cries of, "faster!" and "more bumpies!" make up for a mommy's nervousness.  I did manage to make it up and down the mountain without landing on my butt or my child, so I'd call the day a stunning success.

If you're wondering what a self-portrait on a ski lift with a kid on your back looks like, wonder no longer!

And WanYing even got to strap on her little skis for some scuttles around the base.  She was (obviously) very proud of herself and we're so glad that our always-chilly girl is acclimating so well to the Utah winters!

I think the the Morningstars are shoo-ins for the U.S., Kazakhstan, and China Winter Olympic ski teams!  2024 Winter Games, here we come!

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Anna said...

I love it! The picture of you and WanYing is adorable.


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