Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Grand Visit

by Sam and/or Ben

Ben: It was quite fun playing with Grammy and Buddy. For the short amount of time Buddy was here, it was fun, and for the quite long time that Grammy was here we also had quite fun.

Sam: I'm in a moment of dictator's block.

Ben: The best part of Grammy and Buddy's visit was probably the hide and seek. I found some pretty good hiding places. I'm guessing that a lot of people couldn't find us. For instance, there was about a 5x6-inch cubby...

Sam: It was bigger than that, definitely. Foot by a foot and a half.

[10-minute digression while they look for a tape measure, measure the hiding spot, and prove that they can both fit in it]

Ben:13x17.  I could very well fit in it.  My feet were sticking out but it's still amazing, for a 4-to-5 feet body to fit in something that small.  It took quite a bit for them to find me there, but it was not Grammy to find me, it was Sam.

Sam:  Ben is very good at dramatizing things.

Sam, cont:  I hid in the ironing board closet, something Ben could not do.

Sam, cont:  They are very fun and we had a very fun game of Catan.  They will be coming back this Christmas and I'll have a rematch.

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