Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun With Pumpkin Guts

This year we continued our family tradition of pumpkin shopping on the weekend before Halloween, thus ensuring that the only pumpkins remaining are the ones of "creative" coloring and proportions. Oh well, the kids don't seem to mind and that late in the game pumpkins only cost a buck a piece, so I guess we all win!

Sasha, looking super-cute with her selection
Ben manages to wedge his pumpkin into his bike basket for convenient transport home
Sasha finds an even easier ride home!
The highlight of my afternoon was betting Ben $5 that he couldn't eat a handful of pumpkin guts.  He couldn't. But he got $1 for the effort. Because there's little in this world funnier than watching kids eat nasty (albeit safe) foods for money.

If you can't even scoop out a pumpkin without rubber gloves, your odds of consuming its innards are pretty slim.
Fearful-eyed, Ben goes in for the nibble...
...which was rapidly followed by the gag.  But don't worry, he kept it down.  The kid is going to win a lot of ill-advised bets in college
Sasha concurred on the pumpkin gut disgustingness
I give my Frankenpumpkin a lobotomy (Sam dictated this caption)
WanYing was very pleased with her first Jack-o-Lantern
All done!  An Elmo pumpkin (Sasha), smiley pumpkin (WanYing), Frankenpumpkin (Sam), and crazy pumpkin (Ben, of course)
All ready to greet the trick-or-treaters!

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