Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ben's Beverage Experiments

Mom: [hears caterwauling in the kitchen and comes down to investigate] What's going on, Buddy?

Ben: [with righteous indignation] It's Dad. He says I have to stick with chocolate milk and I can't have syrup milk.

A few minutes later, after Mom regains her composure...

Mom: Can I take a picture of you holding the syrup for the blog?

Ben: If I can have some syrup milk!

Mom:  Deal, but only a little one.

Ben makes syrup milk.  Mom struggles to keep her cookies down.

Mom: How is it?

Ben: Not bad. [takes a few more sips] But now it's tasting kinda buttery.

Mom throws up a little in her mouth.

The final review?  Ben does not recommend syrup milk made with butter flavored syrup.

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