Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We have enough Easter pictures and stories to last several blog posts, but since I'm behind in posting I'll lump them all together for a fabulous Easter slide show, blog-style.

We woke to several inches of snow on the ground, prompting some questions about the sanity of our plans to do an egg hunt in the afternoon. Really - 4 or 5 inches here in the valley in April?!? Where were you in December, snow gods?

Spirits undampened, we ate our traditional chocolate breakfast and opened Easter gifts - can you tell which ones were Sasha's favorites?
Then it was off to church! There were some wardrobe battles ("No, Ben, no cutoff shorts to church on Easter!" "Sasha, please find nice shoes, no tennis shoes to church today") but the parents prevailed and the outfits were eclectic but passable. Sam was looking particularly snazzy in his tie from the Missionary Mall float in the Summerfest Parade. Good times.
After naps all around, it was time to make the deviled eggs, which necessitated cracking and peeling hardboiled eggs, which of course meant it was time for egg wars!

For those unindoctrinated, this is where two people smack hardboiled eggs together until one cracks. Ok, that description definitely doesn't capture the drama and excitement of egg wars in our home, you'll have to rely on the pictures for that:
Then it was off to the Powells' for the egg hunt and dinner! Any holiday where you can bring your sugar-crazed progeny over to a friends' house for more fun and a fabulous meal is so very ok in my book!

This year Sam decided to be on the egg hiding committee and let the younger kids find the eggs. What a great big brother and friend.

Sasha starts the hunt with Elmo firmly in hand...

...but soon realizes that Elmo is only holding her back in the pursuit of more chocolate! Elmo is summarily tossed aside in favor of sugar.

It was so fun to see Sasha get into the hunt this year

I don't have many pictures of Ben during the egg hunt - he was a chocolate-collecting blur!

Undeterred by bramble and long grass, Sasha pursues the eggs to the last

We had such a great Easter and hope that yours was similarly blessed!


Hewitts4Him said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing, your such a great family! Happy Easter to you too!

Ben said...

Our family does egg-cracking, too! Love it!


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