Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Sasha!

Happy third birthday, Sasha! And happy birthday Grammy!

Since I do have pretty much the most fabulous and adorable daughter in the whole widest world, I guess I can't complain too much about her "terrible" twos, but I am looking forward to what the threes will bring - more verbal communication, more self-control (?) and fewer (no?) diapers! Bring on the threes!

We had a great time celebrating Grammy and Sasha's birthday on Monday. They are blessed to have been born on the same day a mere 60 years apart and Grammy decided to fly in for a long-weekend birthday celebration. It may have been a short visit, but we sure did pack it full of a lot of love!

Here's an overview of the birthday festivities:

A bleary-eyed Sasha can't figure out why Daddy is telling her to come back into her room (apparently she didn't notice the bed full of presents when she woke up - Sasha and Mama both wake up with similar levels of "alertness")
"Woah, look at that, my bed is covered with gifts!"
"All for me!"
Oh no - Sasha has already adopted the "sulky teenage slouch while texting" posture while playing with her new phone from Grammy!
Fast forward to birthday evening - Sasha gets her last gift of the day. We purchased a special gift from Kazakhstan, Sasha's birth country, to give her on every birth day and this year it was traditional hats for all of the kids!
I guess Sash will have to grow into hers, but the boys' fit just fine!
Oooh, Ben, you are so going to regret this picture some day.
Time for dinner at Pizzaria 712! Ben, could you cram any more pita bread into your mouth?
Yes, I believe we have found Ben's oral capacity. And it is disgusting
Sam enjoys his pizza with slightly better manners than his brother (I still don't understand why we take them out in public)
This is Sasha begging for more hummus on her pita that she will then refuse to eat because it's too spicy.
She does look simply marvelous in the hat, no?
Happy birthday to two of the loveliest gals I know!


Hewitts4Him said...

So fun! Happy B-day Sasha and grammy!

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on become three! We'll be taking lessons from you (and so will our mom.)

Griffin and Skylar

The Fox Den said...

Yay! Happy Birthday's! What a fun day :)

Jennifer M said...

Happy birthday to both of those beautiful girls!

Selena said...

Sasha looks like a doll - great photos I think you really captured the emotions of turning 3!


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