Thursday, April 29, 2010

Southern Utah Campout - Park Avenue and Double Arch

After our fun-filled day in Goblin Valley, it was time to head even farther South to Arches National Park. Well, after packing up our campsite in Green River and tending to Ben's numerous injuries it was time to head to Arches. Boy did we go through the Band-Aids this trip! Kiddos + rocks and trees to climb = blood loss.

Our first stop in Arches was Park Avenue, a favorite easy stroll through a wash. It was a wonderful introduction to the beauties of the park!

Then we stopped at one of the three must-see sites on the boys' list - Double Arch!

Ben makes an arch within the arch - does that make this Triple Arch?
Sam and Sash had so much fun climbing up and sliding down
Sam, Ben, and Poppop make the harrowing climb up the arch
I think Daddy may have had the best arch-enjoyment strategy of them all

1 comment:

Smith Fam said...

Wish we were there, too! Park Ave and Double Arch -- LOVE those places!


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