Friday, April 16, 2010

Skiing with Grammy

While Steve was off snowkiting last weekend, Sam, Ben, and Grammy enjoyed a beautiful day of spring skiing at Powder Mountain. The boys once again wowed their grandmother with their speed and (when forced and under duress) ability to turn and control their speed on the mountain.

Ben took his map-reading skills to new levels, taking on navigation for most of the day. As he perused the slope offerings at Powder, he kept joking about all of the black diamond and double-black runs he was going to take - little did we know that our little guy was serious about taking his performance up a notch!

That's right, under his grandmother's expert tutelage, Ben conquered his first black diamond slope, Snowchaser! And they both emerged not only alive but even unscathed from the adventure. Here's Ben's description of the experience: "It was very scary - at the end I needed a little breather so I sat down." That's one brave six-year-old!

It was a great day spent doing our very favorite things with some of our very favorite people!


Al and Lyndsie said...

Are you kidding me!!! Your kids are EXTREME! You must be so proud. :) I'm so jealous, really I wish one day I'll get through a steeper green!

The Adventures of Annie's Ri said...

Go Ben! You are awesome! :)

~Miss Cori


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