Friday, April 30, 2010

Southern Utah Campout - Arches Campsite

I love the Arches campground. It's one of my happy places. And, thanks to the giant, mommy-heart-attack-inducing rocks behind our campsite, my children have deemed the Arches campground an extraordinary place as well. I stress, no children were harmed in the taking of these photographs. Also, this was completely their idea.

What are those little ants climbing up the rock face? Oh, I know, it's my children!
Oh. Joy. They made it to the top. Great.
What? You can't see them because they're so very tiny on top of the giant fin of rock? Here, let me expand the picture
Sam talks Mom into following him up on said killer rock

I made it to the first plateau and lost my nerve.
Sam: "Ok, this is the part where you have to run to make it up"
Mom: "No"
Sam: "Mom, I thought you said you could do this!
Mom: "Yeah, that's before I knew it was insane! What if I don't make it up and I fall?"
Sam: "You'd just roll"
Mom: "Roll?!? Roll to where?!? To those rocks miles below us?!?"
So Sam took photos of the view from the top for your enjoyment, ridiculing me all the time as I clung to the comparative safety of the rocks a mere 50 feet above the ground.

Our other campground activities were thankfully far more mundane.

Anything you can do, I can do, too, Ben!
Yes, that's my husband holding the marshmallow stick with his toes as he prepares a hot dog for Sasha. Way to multi-task, Babe.

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Smith Fam said...

Love this post! The running dialogue between Sam and Mom is a classic. And am especially impressed that Steve can roast marshmallows with his feet...I can barely do it with my hands.


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