Monday, October 6, 2014

Riding, Camping, and Enjoying Little Cottonwood Canyon

A few weeks ago we took the chance to enjoy autumn fun Morningstar-style (bikes, camping, dirt, and lots of romping)!

It all started with a little 3500-foot climb up Little Cottonwood Canyon with my buddy Pete in the annual Snowbird Hill Climb. It was my first time up Little Cottonwood Canyon - 3500 feet of climbing over 10 miles was a lot but I kept on pedaling. My new motto is, "I may not be fast, but I don't give up!"

After the up and some well-earned Coke and watermelon I rode down to Tanners Flat campground and staked out a site for the fam. Hanging out on a sunny rock by a babbling brook after a tough ride was pretty much the best thing ever, exceeded only by the arrival of my favorite people, sandwiches, and beer a few hours later.

After a few hours of romping, Ben complained that he was bored. This is crazy talk, of course, because he had a stream, dirt, and a shovel - what else could a boy need? When I explained this fundamental truth to the child he saw the clear and obvious logic of my statement and proceeded to dig holes, which the girls then filled with treasure for Grammy to find. Perfect camping fun!

Pringle duck faces, chili cheese dogs, treasure hunts, leaf collecting, stream crossings, and all, we had a fantastic weekend up in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Autumn camping is the best!

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KK said...

I just came across your blog. Great posts. We are in the process of adopting our second child from China. Also, we love little Cottonwood Canyon too! We live in the Salt Lake valley. Thanks for sharing!


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