Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ski Team Prep

It's October - that means it's ski season preparation month! Hooray!

This year we took the prep up a notch with 4 days of ski team training at Copper Mountain, Colorado for the Morningstar boys! Here's what I know about the trip:
  • Judging from this, the only photo I received, they did arrive in Colorado with all ski gear
  • Sam: It was good. There was snow.
  • Ben: Skiing in October is really warm
  • Ben: Our condo had a tub with jets. I didn't realize you have to put a certain amount of water in or else it makes a big mess.
  • Sam: Our condo had RFID cards for the doors, but they didn't have RFID for the lifts, just regular stickers (Sam found this ironic)
  • Both boys: We had to jog every morning. Me: Um. Were you supposed to bring sneakers? Boys: Nah, we just did it in Crocs.
  • Sam: I think ski team will be fun (this is Sam's first year on the team)
  • Ben: Sam is slow (this is Sam's first year on the team

While the boys were in Colorado the girls were doing their own ski team prep by practicing their bike slalom. They did great with their leaning and turn initiation and we only had a few collisions. Good thing ski racers are tough!

We are officially ready for winter, ski season, and especially ski team - now we just need some snow to seal the deal!

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