Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sasha's Braces

by Sasha

A little background from Mom: Sasha was born with a wide cleft palate. We had the cleft repaired when she came home at age 2, but as a result of the cleft her teeth enjoy a rather creative and chaotic arrangement (chaos and creativity being a hallmark of basically every aspect of Sasha). We've known for a while that Sash would need substantial orthodontic intervention, including a few rounds of braces and eventually implants to take the space of some adult teeth that forgot to form. This summer Sasha had an expander installed to help give her mouth some extra space and last week in came the first round of braces! The following is Sasha's description of the experience.

When I got my braces I didn't like it when they put the expander out 'cause the blood was coming a little bit but I rinsed it out. And then I was excited because I could feel the top of my mouth!

When they put the braces on it feeled a little weird because it hurt a little bit 'cause when you get braces it will hurt a little bit. It was like ticklish-hurtiesh.

I'll have braces 'till summer probably. That's what I think. [Mom's note: as long as she means that she'll be done with braces in summer 2035, I think our expectations are aligned]

When my braces come off my teeth are gonna look straight and neat. [Agreed!]

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