Saturday, December 15, 2012

WanYing is a Skiier!

A couple of weeks ago we headed up to Alta for a nice a nice warm afternoon on the slopes and her first day of skiing was a fabulous success! 

Admittedly, we had a rough start.  We somehow left the girls' ski jackets at home and WanYing wore Ben's jacket, Sasha wore Mommy's, and Mommy wore Daddy's jacket liner (boy was that a tough start to the afternoon!).  Oh, and Sasha freaked out and only made it down one run.

But, if the measure of the afternoon was the size of WanYing's smile when toddling around on her skis, well, it was an A+ afternoon.

Here's WanYing's description of her first day on skis:

I'm wearing Ben's jacket and I love skiing with you (Mom) and I love going somewhere when I'm skiing and I love you (Mom). 

I like going fast and slow, both of them.

I want to go skiing again.
Hip, hip, hooray for the littlest Morningstar skiier!
And there was still time left over after WanYing was tuckered out from her first afternoon on the slopes for Mommy and Sam to catch some turns.  Win-win!
A beautiful day in a beautiful place with all my beautiful people!

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