Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deck the Halls

Sorry for the long gap between posts - I got sick with strep on Thanksgiving weekend and it really knocked me out.  I'm done with the antibiotics now and starting to feel human again - hopefully this was my sole awful sickness this winter!
Sickness notwithstanding, we have had a delightful few weeks enjoying the start of winter.  We've done a little skiing, a little ice skating, some decorating, and have definitely enjoyed the start of the Advent season.

We got a jump start on decorating this year and put up our tree Thanksgiving weekend.  The kids took a very active role in decorating this year, which was really fun up until they started knocking down 2 ornaments for every 1 they hung - that's when we decided that the tree was probably sufficiently ornamented.
The two weirdos regard each other - Ben and Gonzo have so much in common
Sam orchestrates the ornament distribution
Time to hang the ornaments!
WanYing was our master decorator - she stayed with it to the bitter end!
Ben prefers the clippy ornaments to the hanging ornaments (I have to agree)
WanYing was very excited to hang her First Christmas ornament up again
And Sasha, as usual, was the most enthusiastic of the bunch!
Sam assembles the train track, WanYing hides under the tree.  No, we don't get it, either.
Fa la la la la!
Sasha was so proud of our decorated tree that she insisted on showing it off to Mandy.  In retrospect, this may have been a mistake as the tree fell over a few nights later and we're all very suspicious about Mandy's role in the CATastrophe.  Never dull, never dull.

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