Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread Decoration and Immediate Consumption

I love it that WanYing is big enough to do the icing herself!  She's very precise about icing (and basically everything else in her life)
Ah, the $8 Target-brand gingerbread house kit complete with icing and candy, how I love you.  My children can assemble you themselves, you come with all necessary ingredients, you're gone within 2 days, and somehow I'm able to convince myself that gingerbread is an acceptable breakfast food for children because it's kind of like a graham cracker and that's certainly fine for breakfast (yes, this is truly my logic).

Thanks for being a yearly tradition, cheap-o gingerbread house kit.  We'll see you next year.
The girls obviously specialized in their candy application - WanYing put red candies on the right side, Sasha applied gumdrops to the left
Eventually, Sasha got bored and decided to paint some Christmas Tree ornaments.  But WanYing stuck with the decorating until there was no candy left to apply and no space to apply it!
And, of course, as soon as the house was done, it was time to dismantle and consume!

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