Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ice Skating

We went on several outings over Thanksgiving weekend, one of which was ice skating in Provo.  It was a moderately successful experiment - half of the children ate it up and half of them did exactly the number of laps around the ice necessary to earn a treat at the snack stand.

Here are their reactions to the experience:

Sasha:  I loved skiing with Daddy cause he's the greatest dad and I like to hug him and I like going around.  I like going ice skating cause it's so much fun.

I like going fast and around two times and I want to go ice skating again.

Sasha: I love Ben cause he's the greatest boy ever and he's a good roller skating
Sam: I did not appreciate ice skating as much as other people in the family. I prefer skiing.

Mom: I love this pic because of the girl behind Sam. And it does capture Sam's enthusiasm and natural aptitude for ice skating.

Sasha: I love WanYing cause she's my favorite sister and I love her
WanYing: I love ice skating. Ice skating was sooooo much fun. (Mom suspects revisionist history is at play here, WanYing didn't really enjoy her very wobbly afternoon on skates).

Given the combination of Ben and Sasha's enjoyment of the afternoon and their rather physical natures, perhaps they have a future in ice hockey?  We're thinking of enrolling them in some beginning skating lessons this spring and we'll just see how it goes!  Kazakhstani Women's Ice Hockey Team, here we come!

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