Monday, December 31, 2012

Prettiest Princesses

Right before Christmas, my girls got to participate in the most coveted rite of little-girlhood - they got to be flower girls!  Our wonderful friend Sarah (we were in the Computer Science program at St. Mary's together and Sarah is Sam's godmother) graciously invited the girls to be flower girls in her wedding and I have to say that they were up for the challenge.  It was a simply beautiful day, made even a little more special by two little princesses :)

The girls did a great job as flower girls and didn't exhibit any of the last-minute stage (aisle?) fright that I was worried about.  I think it helped that they were together, so they didn't have to walk alone and they were so focused on out-cuting the other that they didn't have time to get nervous :)

WanYing and Sasha scattered petals like pros and my very favorite part was meeting the girls at the front of the church and bringing them back down a side aisle to our seats, watching WanYing scatter petals the whole way across the front of the church and down the side aisle to her seats.  The girl took her petal-distribution responsibilities seriously!

Sasha gets some princess-in-training advice from Sarah
The sisters have their baskets stocked and are ready to go!
Let's get this party started!
WanYing shows off a little flower girl sass
The whole wedding party
Time for the reception!  The kids (and their parents) were thrilled that there was a kids' table
I think this is my favorite photo of them all - Sash watches Aunt Sarah get garden pictures taken.  So cute!
Mommy and Aunt Sarah finally get a photo together
Ok, maybe we still need a *little* more princess training
It was such a beautiful day and we were so grateful to be a part of it!

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MissM said...

I didn't realize that WanYing did such a thorough job of flowering the church! They did a wonderful job and were totally adorable while doing it.


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