Monday, October 22, 2012


I do love me a good corn maze!

This week we took advantage of warm temps and a 6-for-$30 coupon (only in Utah do they sell coupons for families of 6!) to hit the local corn maze/petting zoo/pumpkin patch for a lovely evening together.

Except for WanYing's constant, concerned moaning in the corn maze that we were "lost, so lost" I think a good time was had by all.

And off we go!  Sasha led the way most of the time... which could have contributed to our consistent lostness.
Some sugar water snapped WanYing right out of her deep (loud) concern that we would never find our way out of the maze.
Finally, we emerge from the maze no worse for the wear and head for Sasha's favorite - the petting zoo!
The calf was a big hit
The goat sure did try to squirm out of hugs, but Sasha held on tight!
WanYing preferred the smaller goats
And Sasha even found piglets to love on!
Last stop - the pumplin patch.  Ben, as usual, went big
Sash found a lovely specimen
WanYing had to search high and low for just the right pumpkin...
...and finally found it!
Perfect pumpkins chosen, a bumpy hayride home and dinner at In and Out completed our fantastic evening out.  Fall has officially arrived!

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