Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Biking to Maryland

This week I hit 2,000 miles since starting to ride this May.  Too cool!  It's pretty fun knowing that I've ridden the equivalent of Utah to Maryland in just 6 months of bicycle commuting and occasional weekend rides.  I guess it just goes to show you that a few miles a day makes a big difference.

And this definitely qualifies my new bike as the best birthday gift ever.

Here are my stats since May:
  • 164 hours of riding
  • 91,160 feet climbed
  • Somewhere around 89,000 calories burned
  • 81 trips to work and home again
  • 2 paniers already worn out
  • Dozens of conference calls taken "from the road"
  • And one mommy's sanity preserved through daily solitary exercise
I'm not sure how far into the winter I'll keep riding, but for now the upper-30's frosty mornings are definitely doable.  Hopefully the only thing this winter that will stop me from riding is a chance to strap on the boards and hit the slopes!

Can't wait to get the next two Morningstar gals riding on 2 wheels!

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