Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Next Chapter

Yesterday the legal process and the case against Steve finally drew to a close.

We are relieved and grateful that Steve can return home to Utah permanently and start figuring out what the next chapter of life looks like. And we collectively breathe easier without the looming weight of a trial over our heads.

But this is not a case of winners and losers - everybody involved in the shocking, literally insane events of January 1st has lost more than any of us would have ever dreamed. The pain carried by Steve, the Johnsons, Spike, the Foudys is beyond description. Please continue to pray with us that this pain would not harden into despair or bitterness. Instead, please pray that we would each mindfully choose each day surrender that pain to Jesus and let us heal us individually and relationally, bit by bit, moment by moment.

Because only Jesus can heal hurt this deep. Because all things are possible with God.

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