Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Big Smiles

This weekend we proudly and enthusiastically participated in our first charity run as a family.  Ok, there was a charity (Operation Smile) and there was running (kids chasing each other), but technically we just completed the family-friendly 1-mile walk and then ate roughly a thousand orange segments each to recover from the "exertion".

The morning was a complete success - we enjoyed a beautiful autumn day in the Utah mountains, raised a little money for a charity we're definitely passionate about (go cleft palate kids!), and each of us got a mile's worth of exercise.

Oh, and as an added bonus we were surprised to receive a bottle of Tahitian Noni juice as a thank-you gift for adding Sasha's story to the very thoughtfully displayed stories of local kids affected by cleft palate.  We're trying to choke it down, but have yet to experience the miracle powers of the noni juice.  We'll keep you posted as to whether or not the "iridoids" ("powerful phytochemicals produced by plants as a defense against infection and other health threats" - see the Tahitian Noni - Science web page) make a marked difference in our health and well being.

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