Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Break at Diamond Fork

We spent a lovely fall break in Diamond Fork, a lovely spot about 45 minutes south of home in Spanish Fork Canyon.

It was perfect.  Well, except for the rain, but autumn camping in the frost and rain, nestled in down bags has a poetry all its own so we weren't complaining.  And seven bodies does keep a van pretty toasty!

We stayed in the Diamond Fork campground, which ended up being very pleasant.  We abutted the already-closed tent camping area, so we had lots of space to roam, and there's a very enjoyable (and scenic!) Discovery Trail that circles the campground.

Here we are... discovering

Sasha and Ben ran off way ahead, but Chorney kept us all sheep-dogged together the best she could
I do adore my hiking girls!
Views along the hike
Our campsite (tent for gear storage - very handy!)
Time to warm up in the van!  The kids, as usual, all congregated in the pop-top
While the girls napped, we played a freezing game of Settlers in the tent.  Next time, I'll remember to get my extra layers out of the van before I'm locked out for naps - wet jeans and bare feet don't make for a warm game!
We had some wetness, but it didn't dampen our spirits!
Staying next to a closed-down loop is the best!  Lots of romping space
Chorney (or Red Beard - arrrr!) keeps tabs on all of us
Day 2 - time to bundle up and go hiking!
Walking to the Diamond Fork hot springs.  Daddy and his ducklings.
The leaves were amazing.  The faces were... well, half of them were adorable! I'll never understand why Ben insists on making strange faces every time I pull out the camera.
Seriously, the leaves were amazing
Sash and Daddy hiking
WanYing is such a card!  I think that I'll remember her entire third year of life with this exact face.
Almost to the hot springs - you can tell because the river is steaming :)
We made it!  Time to soak!
Ben gets his zen on
I love my adventurous kids!
Home again, home again, fiddle dee dee
Last stop before home - Red Ledges.  Sam, of course, scales every rock he can find.
Instead of climbing, WanYing decides to perch and gorge on trail mix.
And Chorney keeps track of us all.

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