Thursday, November 1, 2012


Before you read the annual Halloween post here on Morningstar Happenings, I have a confession - there's nothing extraordinary here.  I mean, yes, we have some of the cutest kids imaginable clearly enjoying a delightful Halloween, but for all of you who have gotten used to our over-the-top costumes, well, this year we went easy.  The girls both wanted to wear costumes we already had in the dress up boxes and Ben had his heart set on saving up for a very cool flashing light Darth Vader costume... so this year we happily opted for convenience.  Adorable, adorable convenience.

The costume conversation with WanYing went something like this:

Mom: WanYing, what do you think you want to dress up as for Halloween this year?

WanYing (staring at Mom, incredulous that she could be so dense): My dragon costume

And that was that.  Thank goodness she could still fit into the dragon costume, otherwise we would have had a dragon-sized revolt!

Waiting for friends to come over so the trick-or-treating could commence
Finally, time to hit the neighborhood and collect (and consume) disgusting amounts of sugar!
We had a fantastic Halloween - warm weather, fun and excited kids, great friends and, of course, lots and lots of candy.  Sash was the champ of the evening, unflaggingly leading the group sprint from house to house and shrieking with delight at every stop.  She even occasionally remembered to shout a hurried "thank you!" over her shoulder while rushing to the next lit doorway.  Makes a mommy proud.

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MissM said...

I guess Sam is too old for trick or treating? That makes me kind of sad.


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