Friday, July 3, 2015

Bike MS 150

It's with mingled relief and soreness that I say goodbye to June and the year's big cycling month! Between the Little Red Riding Hood century, the Huntsman 140, and the Bike MS 150, June was full of big rides for big causes. Riding alongside cancer survivors and MS patients and riding for so many folks who are struggling with tough diseases sure makes a gal grateful that she can hop on two wheels and cover some miles in their honor.

This is the "I'm not sure if my butt can take another 40 miles" grimace.

Day 1 and 100 miles complete! It was especially fun to ride with Matthew on his first century.

The highlight of the weekend was camping with my fam. There's nothing better than coming off of a long ride and seeing these smiling faces and a cool stream!

We had a smaller crew for Sunday but still enjoyed a fabulous day of riding

I was proud and grateful to finish the whole MS 150 - it was a big weekend for a big cause!

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