Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Epic 4th Weekend Part Two - Fireworks

There are only two things we need for a great Fourth of July celebration - flag cake and fireworks. Oh, and beer. Don't forget beer.

As has become tradition, the girls outdid themselves with the annual flag cake. And I got wise this year and bought more than double the fruit we need because somehow a whole lot of strawberries and blueberries disappear during the decorating process.

The very best part about hosting an Independence Day BBQ is that everybody brings fireworks to share! We ended up with quite the haul and, yes, lit of almost all of them.

I know that fireworks are polluting and dangerous and fire hazards... but man are they fun!

The kids divide up the loot and plan their attack
Despite the face, sparklers are still fun for teenagers, I promise
But six-year-olds do enjoy them more
We did this for hours. And it never got old
The aftermath - God bless America!

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