Monday, July 13, 2015

Epic 4th Weekend Part One - Antelope by Moonlight

We had a truly fantastic 4th of July weekend complete with camping, bike riding, a BBQ, fireworks, and even an afternoon on the new Sundance Zip Rider. When we do a holiday weekend, we do it right!

Stop one on our 4th of July extravaganza was the Antelope by Moonlight bike ride.

Last year was our first Antelope by Moonlight ride and we had so much fun that we knew we had to do it again, bring friends, and put way more lights on our bikes.

This year's theme was Back to the Future and we were totally up for the challenge. Our first task upon arriving at Antelope Island was to get the bikes and costumes ready for the ride. This involved a lot of glow sticks, some el tape, a small fortune in batteries, tens of zip ties, and a Doc Brown wig.

Nailed it!
The whole crew is ready to go!

WanYing got to ride in style on the Xtracycle - lucky!
Our whole group finished the 24 mile ride at about 1:30 am. It was a long ride for the kids but they finished the whole thing and the boys rode every last mile. It was a hot, beautiful night and we had a blast riding in the full moon along with a few thousand other be-lighted revelers.

If you live in the area and enjoy a good time on two wheels definitely add Antelope by Moonlight to your list of rides to try.

In the morning we headed to the "beach" for our annual "swim" in the Great Salt Lake. Thanks to low rainfall for a few years, the lake is very low and very salty, making for a long walk to the water and extra-buoyant floating.

WanYing is not a fan of the smell. She declined to swim this year. Hard to blame her.
Buddy was up for the adventure, though! (note the on-theme t-shirt)

The Great Salt Lake was, as always, very odd. It's an interesting sensation to sit cross-legged in the water and float without having to tread water. We enjoy our annual float and are always grateful for the coin-op showers conveniently located next to the rootbeer float stand. We gratefully contributed our money to both.

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