Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our 17th Anniversary - This Ride's for Us

The celebration just won't stop! We chased our amazing anniversary weekend in Sundance ("Anniversary Observed") with the GLMR Ride on Saturday ("Anniversary Official") - 100 miles through Utah County to raise awareness and funds for mental illness.

As a part of team Cycle 4 Cure, Steve and I get so many chances raise money and awareness for tough diseases. Even better than that, we get to ride for people we love, encouraging them and dedicating rides and prayers to their health and wholeness.

Halfway through Saturday's GLMR ride, my teammate Zach leaned over and asked, "So, who are you riding for today?" And the answer was easy, "This one's for us."

Mental illness affects 1 in 4 Americans, many of whom fight in silence because of the stigma of mental illness. Our family story has been  dramatically affected by mental illness - we know the pain and hard, hard work of regaining mental health. Some fight daily, some fight in spurts and cycles, and some, like us, are grateful to be in a time of stability and monitoring.

Saturday was a celebration of our physical, mental, emotional, and relational health (all three hard work to be sure!). It was a time to get out into Utah's amazing countryside and revel in time together on two wheels. It was a time of gratitude for our story so far and prayer for the chapters to come.

Saturday's ride was for us.

p.s. Saturday was also justification for Steve's first 4x4 at In and Out (yes, 4 patties on one bun). He's been planning that for a long time. Yes, it was as repulsive as it sounds. Yes, he relished every bite.


Kore and possibly Eric. said...

I love this and I'm so proud of you guys. You've overcome and grown past a really huge hurdle and I love that. I also love that your life is never boring to the point that I am jealous. :)

Unknown said...

So Happy you and friends came you to support our cause and one another. Love that you shared your story above and posted some great pics. Come back again next ride!

Zach Ludlow


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