Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chinese New Year Party!

by WanYing

Chinese New Year you can take pictures of people and you can put these, like, heads on that are like dragon tops heads and then there's like this little thing that you can see your face and there's holes in the dragon and you can't see through them.

This is me. I have the red horn on top of my head and my sister is the one with the red beard and my brother is the one that has the green top hair. On the mouth he has the blue tongue part.

This is my whole family. My mom's the one with the green jacket. My brother is the one with the blue shirt. And my sister is the one with the red scarf. And then my dad is the one that has a white shirt on. And I am the one that has the dress that has a lot of stuff on it and has brownish-blackish hair. I have the flower pants that are blue flowers and in the middle of the flowers there's white and then there's dots on them.

This is me and my sister drawing pictures and we're making dragons. This is the ram year and that's my brother with the blue shirt's year and my friend Kylee which is standing right in the middle of us.

There's 12 different kinds of animals.

This is my sister holding up her dragon

This is me with my dragon and I'm flying him

At the Chinese New Year Party we have a parade and everybody gets to pick something and one is with a huge dragon head and people get to be behind the dragon and stand there and hold up the sheet that's behind him.

And there also also hats and these things that you hold by the sticks and then twist it and they sound like drums sort of.

And we make a lot of noise to scare away the dragons.

I am one of the dragons. My friend is, too. She is the front of the dragon. I'm behind her and I hold up the sheet and we go around the area and we do the stuff that we're supposed to do. You make the sound if you're one of the persons that use the sound. But if you're not one of those guys you're doing a dragon or you're waving this thing in a big circle - it's a ribbon on a stick that you wave around in a big circle.

This is me with a hat on looking behind my friend because my mom wanted to take a picture of me but she kept walking so I had to look behind me and walk.

I like Chinese New Year. You get envelopes that have a Chinese coin in it and three White Rabbit candies and you also get chocolate coins.

Happy New Year!

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