Monday, February 23, 2015

Qualtrics Insight Summit 2015 (or: Where Jamie has Disappeared To)

To anybody who has emailed, called, or attempted to contact me over the past few weeks (and, yes, this includes my family) I extend my deep apologies. Let me catch you up!

Last week contained not just Sam's 14th birthday and Sasha's 6th Gotcha Day, but also the 2015 Qualtrics Insight Summit, a four-day data freak extravaganza in Salt Lake City.

It was a blast. The event itself was simply amazing with world-class speakers, fantastic decor, and a killer party every night.

It was also a hell of a lot of work. Here are my highlights:

My product, Vocalize, powered the Command Center with interesting stats, photos, tweets, and insights about Summit. Please excuse the crappy picture, it actually looked totally beautiful in real life.

I got to host and facilitate a whopping 4 breakout sessions over the two days which, I'm proud to say, were very highly rated.

We had amazing seats for Journey. That part wasn't really any work, it was just superfun and I couldn't tell you about Summit without mentioning our private concert with Journey.

And here's the big part - my dev partner Ryan and I got 15 minutes of mainstage time to talk all about the product we've launched over the last year. Yep, 15 minutes in front of 1,300 people. And they ate it up! I like to think it was a combination of my fabulous cuteness and the great product. Ok, it probably had more to do with the software.

Thursday being the first year of Chinese New Year I thought I'd dress the part.

Oh, yeah, and the completely live demo of our new software in front of over a thousand people looked great, too.

The prep for this mainstage presentation was intense, and it was so worth it. Plus I now know how to read smoothly from a teleprompter; hopefully that's a skill I get to use again someday.

This picture cracks me up. This is my coworker Dave driving the demo while Ryan and I narrate. Apparently I cracked a joke that went over well and my slightly shy pleasure was displayed on a giant screen. Oh well, if I'm going to be up on a huge TV at least I'm smiling!

We had some speakers with serious cred: Dan Ariely, Paul DePodesta (the real-life Moneyball guy), Dan Pink, and Barbara Corcoran to name a few! Barbara Corcoran went on right after our engineering presentation on mainstage so we passed in the greenroom and she was kind enough to take a photo with all us geeks before taking the stage.

And as if all this wan't enough, our final day of Summit was a perfect bluebird day of skiing with our clients at Park City Mountain Resort. And being a former Sundance Instructor of the Year, Steve was invited to come along and help out with the day's festivities.

It was quite the week! I had a great time meeting our clients, showing off our products, answering questions, and hanging out.

And now I'm ready for a few quiet weeks catching up on work at my desk. After all, we have to build more great stuff to show off next year!

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