Sunday, February 8, 2015

WanYing's 6th Birthday on the 6th Day of February Golden Birthday

by WanYing

On February 6th it was my birthday. I turned 6 on February 6th and that makes it my Golden Birthday that's golden golden.

I had donuts in the morning for breakfast and then we opened presents.

I'm starting to open my presents. I have a present in my hand and I'm gonna open it.

I got ladybug boots! They're really fuzzy inside and they make my feet hot.

I got a lot of presents and my sister got me 10 packs of Oreos in the same box. I got magnet dolls and I also got a Barbie from China and it had a baby Barbie, too. And the big Barbie had long blonde hair. And I also got a Lego set that you make that's a truck with two persons that can go in it.

* Editor's note - the Barbie is WanYing's China present for this year. It's a genuine Going Home Barbie that we got in China while on WanYing's adoption trip. Its simultaneous terrifyingness and awesomeness make it simply hilarious.

This is me and my friends ice skating at my birthday party! Emma, it was her first time ice skating and Lyla's too and they did all a great job. And Emma was like a machine that we couldn't even keep up with her! And Lyla wanted to stay with my mom and Lyla's hands she had socks on her hands but she told us they were too cold and we had to switch them to gloves.

The person in the middle is Lyla and on one of the sides is me and one of the sides is Kylee.

This is my friend Scout and the person with the walker is Scout. And the person beside her is me!

This is me holding my number 6 candle with my cupcake. I'm holding it up because I like holding my number 6 cupcake! It had the number 6 on it because I was turning 6.

Everyone's singing Happy Birthday and I usually wait until after they're done singing the song until I blow out the candle.

I blowed out the candle.

I had a great time ice skating with my friends. We had donuts, hot chocolate, Kool-Aid that's watermelon kind and we had cupcakes. All my friends that are sitting by me that's at the table is Lyla, Scout, Sasha (which is my sister), and Kylee, and Emma. That's it.

I had a good birthday and it was great!

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