Sunday, March 22, 2015

Celebrating WanYing's Fourth Gotcha Day

Last week we celebrated a very special day - WanYing's Fourth Gotcha Day!

Four years ago our family welcomed an overwhelmed, scared little girl into our hearts and lives and she has been astounding us with her spunk, spirit, and sweetness ever since!

This year we celebrated WanYing's Gotcha Day in Moab, combining all the fun of Southern Utah cycling, one of our favorite places, Pi Day, and Gotcha Dall into one fun-filled Saturday. It was quite the day.

We started the day with a ride and a picnic at Dead Horse Point State Park.

Blue skies, warm sunshine, and plenty of rocks to climb make for happy kids
Of course, it wasn't fair for Mom and Dad to go on a bike ride, Ben had to get in on the action!
Ben is getting so good at riding his unicycle! He'll realize his dream of becoming a trained circus bear yet.
And we ended the day at the kids' favorite Moab location - Sand Dune Arch
They always always insist on climbing the arch

And of course we concluded our 3.14 with pies of the cherry, chocolate, and pecan varieties. Admittedly, the combination of children, pie, and sand made for some gritty dessert, but it was still undeniably festive and delicious.

Happy Fourth Gotcha Day WanYing! We are so grateful that you are ours and we are yours!

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