Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Festival of Colors

Every year when the Festival of Colors rolls around, I think, "we should do that." Music, food, a colossal mess - it sure seems like a Morningstar kind of event. And this year, we finally attended the Holi festival in Spanish Fork. Warm sun, good food, 55,000 of our closest friends, and breathing in scented, colored chalk poured upon us by total strangers has never felt so good.

Before: Ben is completely prepared for any chalk-bearing invader: bandana on, sunglasses in place, earbuds blocking chalk from entering his ear holes.
After: Only the protection of the earbuds remains. But he's still smiling!
When you have dark, straight hair like Ying those first speckles of color sure look cool
Grammy gets in on the fun - you know it's a good party when you can't even see your tie dye anymore!
Even with a purple face, Sasha manages to look fabulous. Minnie Mouse sunglasses do help.
3-2-1 - time for a chalk throw!
It turns out the kids can totally eat vegetarian as long as corn, french fries, and snow cones are on the menu
WanYing and Mom pause for a selfie - WanYing wanted to show you her fistfull of purple chalk
We had a super great time getting totally messy and celebrating the crazy fun that is our family
And don't worry, our hair all returned to its normal color after a shampoo... or three...

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