Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I really like Hee Haw's

by Sasha

I really like Hee Haw's.  It's a good animal place. I went for my 7th birthday.

It's a really good place and it has very many animals and there's fun stuff you can do like feed them and pet them and pick them up and there's a really cool ride that you can ride and there's a really cool slide that goes down and then there's also a horsie ride that all you do is go round and round.  It is a really good animal place and I really really like animals.

We're having a hayride
We're having a hayride and sitting
That's Ben holding a baby goat
That's Sasha picking up a baby goat and that's WanyYing the goats are like jumping up to get the treats
That's Ben and all the goats are gathering over him
That's me again that is holding the same baby goat
That's WanYing that's holding the baby goat
That's Sam and Ben tackling each other and me and Savannah riding together on the slide
Me and Savannah holding the two little baby bunny animals
That's me having a horsie ride
It was a very very very good party. I really liked holding the baby bunnies.  They feeled really really warm.

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