Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Prep

Easter is a hard one to prep for here in Morningstarland.  With Jamie, Sasha, and Grammy all enjoying birthdays in April, it can be challenging to carve out time to celebrate Easter in both profound and fun ways.  But given that it's the most important, exciting, live-changing, eternity-changing day of the whole year, we do try our darndest to make Easter rock!

The boys have become less than enthusiastic about egg dyeing over the years.  But fortunately I still have two little artist who, equipped with egg grabbers and white crayons, are more than up for the challenge of a dozen or two blank canvases of the ovum variety.

I did have more help when it came to the plastic egg stuffing.  I assume their enthusiasm stemmed from the eternal-springing hope that there would be more candy than eggs to fill, leaving us with only one option - candy consumption! But bwa ha ha ha, Mommy wins again with a new bag of 100 empty plastic eggs!

Our last piece of Easter prep involved my brand new Easter gift - a 3Doodler! What's that you say?  This looks like a neato gadget that your husband really wanted to buy and so he figured he would not get into trouble if he bought said toy under the guise of "gift"?  For shame! I can't believe you'd even think such a (clearly truthful) thing!

Suspicious motivations notwithstanding, the 3Doodler actually is a lot of fun, which is saying something since I lack all ability to draw and/or sculpt.  Incidentally, I think these would be handy skills for one owning a 3Doodler.

On the upside, when your husband gives you a 3Doodler, it serves as an automatic "get out of cooking free" pass because, of course, you have to make Easter decorations with your new "gift" and that leaves no time for potato peeling or dish washing! Bwa ha ha ha.  Mommy wins again!

Despite the aforementioned complete lack of drawing and/or sculpting ability, I think our little Easter decorations turned out pretty well.  The mummy bunnies are only slightly sinister, the robin eggs only look a tiny bit like blue poo plops, and our mistakes worked exceedingly well into the wicker motif.

Easter prep? Check!

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