Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ben's Reflections on Serving in Mexico

What I really liked was painting, serving with the kids - we shouldn't call it a job if we can have this much fun doing it!  I really liked seeing Narvick and some of the other kids again and being able to make some new ones.

I met Narvick last year when we were in the house that he's in.  This house made connections easier because most of them spoke pretty good English, but Narvick spoke some of the best English.  We met while doing crafts and we were having a great time and we became immediate friends and then when we left we looked at one of the sponsors list and saw him on there and just decided to sponsor him! We've been able to save up money and write letters to him for his birthday and other special occasions.

It was really cool seeing him again because he is such a nice kid.  He loves to share and he is just so awesome and he loved seeing us again and how could we resist not wanting to see him again?

One of the best things was just seeing those kids again and playing with them and doing crafts again and just having a great time.

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