Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating Easter

This year's Easter celebration was an all-day affair, as befits the most important day of the year! And as with all important days, it involved candy, gifts, grudging family photos in dress-up clothes, very silly decorations, and lots of food.

Always eat the ears first
After church it was time for photos, faces, threats, and then more photos

And then dinner time! The weather was perfect for a big meal out of doors.
Ben took on the most demanding of roles - the bruleer.  He did very well and did not burn himself, others, or any part of the house.
And then it was easter egg hunt time!
Ben may be "too old" for many traditions, but candy collection in any form is still right up his alley...
...as is any activity which involves smashing things on other people's heads.
WanYing found the good luck egg way up in the apple tree!
The spoils of victory
Now it's time to dig through the loot!
The aftermath of a very pleasant afternoon's celebration

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