Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day - It Didn't Suck

Despite, or perhaps because of, my fears, Mother's Day officially did not suck.  This is no small feat and no trivial item of gratitude for me - after spending my birthday afternoon sobbing in my cubicle at work, I was definitely nervous about the next Jamie-centric holiday.  But the combined power of preparation and prayer and a new haircut and planning a jam-packed schedule for the weekend worked its magic and I emerged unscathed from Mother's Day Weekend.

The major event on Sunday as an after-church bike ride up around the Deer Creek Reservoir. There's a new bike path up there next to the railroad tracks that I've been dying to try, and Mother's Day seemed like the right occasion for an excursion.

So, I made cucumber sandwiches and raisin bread and cream cheese sandwiches (tres chic) and packed up some cold pizza for the boys (they don't appreciate the finer things) and we headed up the canyon for a biking adventure.

It ended up being a rather brief adventure because I had a flat tire a mile into the ride, so we decided to stop there and eat our lunches by the lake while Mommy fixed her flat, but it was fun nonetheless and the kids had a blast throwing rocks into the water.  If one has to fix a flat, sitting on the bank of a lake isn't a bad spot.  Plus I got to use my new CO2 cartridge to fill the tire and that was very cool (until I forgot to discharge the cartridge at home before removing it and it sounded like a gun went off in our house and sprayed pump shrapnel everywhere, but that's another story).

Oh, and Sasha made me breakfast in bed (a juice box, banana, and packet of water), the boys redid breakfast in bed (water added to oatmeal packet and a fine cup of tea made), and Steve sent flowers and a balloon, so the morning was pretty cheery as well.

So it all goes to show that with the love of friends and some forethought, the Grace of God, and some pretty amazing kids, a (temporarily) single mom can survive something as traumatic as Mother's Day.  A super-cute haircut doesn't hurt, either.

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