Sunday, May 13, 2012


It wasn't an easy choice, but after my first three weeks of faithful bike riding I decided that the hair had to go.  The ponytail, the hair under my helmet pushing on my neck, the seemingly endless wet hair... I was done with it all.

And let's not pretend that I was growing my hair out by choice - I was growing my hair out because a haircut seemed like an awful lot of effort. 

Besides, if I can't rationalize a fairly extreme haircut now, when can I?

So I hit the internet; the source of all knowledge and wisdom and fashion.  And I found this photo and I thought, "hey, that might look pretty cute on me (except for the bangs - I did not go through the misery of growing out my bangs 10 years ago just to cut them back in!).

And, so, steeled by a fabulous breakfast with Laura and a couple of mimosas, I did it!

And I'm super happy with the results - messy and helmet-friendly and a little bit sassy and a fun change.  Perfect!

Losing the two pounds of hair alone should shave minutes off of my commute :)

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Melanie said...

I love it, Jamie! It looks awesome :-)

When I first cut my hair really short, it was purely because of how my bike helmet fit, and I knew if I didn't do it quick I would lose my resolve. So I know how you feel!


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