Monday, May 7, 2012

Hee Hawing Good TImes

We celebrated the end of another week last Friday by hitting the petting zoo and Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  Aw yeah, we know how to live up a Friday night!

For Sasha, the entire experience was a dizzying, delirious, delightful dream.  I mean, there were animals and you could pet them and feed them and even pick them up you could outrun them!  Sasha heaven!
Sasha successfully wrangles a goat and treats it to adoring hugs
WanYing tried to work up enough courage to feed the animals, but instead just put the food on the ground in front of them.  Not a bad strategy.
The cows were easier to catch than the goats, although you couldn't pick them up to snuggle them
Hayride time!  I think WanYing would have been smiling in this pic if Ben hadn't been squishing her.
Stylin', hay ridin' girls
Rapture!  More goats to feed!
Sam was less of a fan of the animal feeding once he realized that they lick your hands to pick up the food
Methinks Sasha didn't see that goat head-butt coming
Fortunately, there were plenty of activities to delight those who didn't enjoy getting licked by farm animals
Sasha liked these activities, too...
I like how Ben is modeling how to lick up the food for the horse
Another set of fast friends
And ponies to feed, too!  (are you picking up on Sasha's sheer delight at this whole experience?)
And you can ride the pony!
My Chinese cowgirl got into the pony ride, too
Ben... well... he tried to look enthusiastic.  In my defense, I definitely didn't force the boys to do the pony ride.
You can't win 'em all
But the boys did find plenty of activities to enjoy!

And Sasha liked it all :)


ShannonStegarp said...

I love her adverturesome spirit!!

jody said...

I loved this, it literally made me lol at the pics and the kids and the funny and cute of all of it, I lve your kiddos! And the one of Wan Ying holding hands with Ben going down the slide, oh my, melt.....


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