Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ben explains about Nordic skiing and how unfair his mean mom is

(Article by Ben, Title and Captions by Mom)

this is ben i'm going to explain why i'm writing on the blog (because its usually my mom writing and someone somewhere might be confused) so basically the resin is that well i hmmm suck at writing so i'm going to be doing one of these a week until i don't suck at writing witch may never happen so i'm just getting practice unless i have a writing project due in school then i wont make one of these so i can focus on that

anyway now that thats out of the way i would like to talk about what the difference between the two forms of cross country classic and skate now lets start with classic it has a binding where only your toe is secure and the rest of your foot is free to move there are fish scale like spots  that are in the middle where your feet are on top of so that you cant move backwards as easily but you can move foreword

Ben skate skiing
the point of this is so you can push off and then slide the difference between skate and classic is that skate dosen't so you use your eages to go and its harder to go uphill but way easy to go on flat areas due to less fiction you can slide way better so yea thats the difrance
Mean Mom skate skiing (only marginally related to the post but kind of a cute photo so a pity not to include)

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